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Daniel entered form in service to the "One Life" with the unusual capacity to imprint abilities.  His last recalled earth experience was as a nonphysical entity, a "light bridge" to Akhenaten, mystic, and pharaoh of Egypt.  A past life regression with internationally recognized author, speaker, and regressionist Dolores Cannon revealed his movements through time tunnels and formless realities.  His diary entries give a glimpse of his continuing journey and uncommon life as a "preacher's kid."  

The Ascension Gateways are part of his journey into higher consciousness through form.  As a light bridge, Daniel is able to guide the light of an individual through the same gateway experiences.  His Visional Attunements on the services page compliment the gateways as dimensional healing modalities unfolding with a new era. 

The image to the left can be found in full on the diary page.  Daniel frequently sits for an aura painting to visually record recent events detailed in his diary entries.  He is able to fully interact with the paintings as they are alive and pliable until his aura shifts again through another experience.  Images of his visions are self-created and included throughout this site.

The diary page and client readings reveal his abilities as a seer, dream walker, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant.  His forthcoming book details his experiences as a navigator, shapeshifter, chrononaut, medium, and visionary.  Telepathic events, holographic initiations, psychometry, portals, and an assortment of "visitors" where dimensions naturally blend are part of his daily life.  Assisted "extractions" currently take him to other realms or to larger roles as a bridge in planetary assistance.  Through "identity stripping" roles in other forms reach his awareness. 

Omnisensory perception from his earliest memories kept Daniel guarded around others, his sensitivity was so intense.  He spent most of his childhood playing in the forest until dark where the woods smelled safe and gently spoke to him.  When he first witnessed a violent act he had no definition for it, but suddenly realized this wasn’t his home.         

"...with the beliefs part yes, still being stretched there and welcome it.  It's one of the keys to spiritual growth.  If anyone had told me years ago of the unusual experiences I'd be having, I wouldn't have even understood what they were saying.  Now, when a butterfly tones in one ear and a fish swims into the other, I know I'm good.  I know Spirit is with me in unique communication and healing.  And I can trust that it will evolve, and I along with it."  Daniel 

Thank you for your interest in Ascension Gateways.  This site is updated weekly with recent diary entries by seer and ascension facilitator Daniel.  For scheduling a speaking engagement or for more information please email here.









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