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Here are some highlights from my diary entries with the most recent year first. 

January 2017  The new year has an apprehensive feel all the way through it, like the calm before a storm.  Or that unease that builds while cresting the first rollercoaster drop.

February 2017  A dream of white horses breaking through an iced over lake suggests a release of a paused spiritual aspect or gift.

March 2017  For several nights I was aware of a pronounced flow of energy coming into my body from above.  And I felt slight adjustments being made with my consent. 

January 2016 
The new year has an upbeat feel to it.  And one of the most memorable dreams I recall this month was of a visit from an uncle that passed over last year.  He just popped his head in the door to be recognized and then left.  He looked much younger and healthier in his new body.  Two other vibrant dreams curiously contained adamant characters in opposition to me.

February 2016  Third dream in a week where someone suggested something for me to eat.  The first two dreams involved ingredients from the ground and used in a mixture to repair stone walls (defensive measures). 

May 2016  Had a visitor two nights ago in a dream.  He had a dark complexion and no eyes.  His hair was black and straight but only covered one half side of his head.  A deep red beard covered same side of his head.  I approached him from behind to ask him something.  He turned slightly and placed his hand on me, sending three intense bursts of energy through me. 

June 2016   Had a vision last month of the moon suddenly moving in the sky in a path just like a check mark.  Not sure if it represented the physical moon or the spiritual aspect.  Time will say.

July 2016  Seeing stuff out of the corners of my eyes a lot this summer.

August 2016  Dreams of late with Harry Potter tones.  A special helper was required to assist in crossing the devil's vertical path.  With that step completed, another helper was able to come forward and dissolve approaching disruptions. 
Dream of Pan.  Message or initiation, we will see.  But a first.
Vision of advancing ahead. 

October 2016  Been waking up on my back lately.  Generally sleep on my side and don't move without knowing.  So, with anything out of routine, I'm curious about it.  Also have had a guide behind me in my dreams, verbally directing me through the dream and answering my questions.  That's new.

November 2016  Vision of a burning candle is a positive message. 

January 2015:  I had a few visitors here in two dream events the first week of the new year.  Appears I inadvertently did or acquired something that needed a prompt correction, and they took care of it.  First event was with some little people that rendered me unconscious within a dream (a first).  When I came to in the dream, they said they were successful in removing an interfering energy.  They looked seriously concerned and were exhausted from the procedure.  The second event was the next night.  I could feel someone pulling me off the bed by my ankles, and I felt a surge of energy shoot up through my body. 

February:  A brilliant white light, almost cloud-like in form, approached my inner vision.  There was an audible frequency to it as it gently moved into me.

March:  A quiet month, but full of informative dreams.

April - July 
An unusual time and feeling of being on the run, to catch up.  No events or significant dreams to recall. 

August 25th  There was a body printer that printed out auras.  But I sketched out my own with streaks of white light streaming down on a white background and words in white at the bottom, reading, in short, "...allow for hope."  This is one of two dreams where I knew to paint my own aura.  And I also felt that imagining my aura a certain way created it.  

October 18th   A distant light suddenly appeared in the far upper left corner of my inner vision.  It approached slowly, growing in size and brightness.  When the light filled my vision a golden wing swept through.  
November 15th  Fissures shattered the now rolling landscape in the dream.  I saw a small city in the distance from within the safety of a cement block structure shaped as a cube.  The undulation stretched for miles.
December 8th  Long while since an event.  And I'm adapting to their intensity, as the sound wasn't piercing, and the vibration didn't feel "shattering."  Lots of fun, flashing light, and enormous pressure and movement through my body.  Especially to the back of my head, where I felt and saw a large basket ball size of light rested there as it spun.  Congratulatory voices followed the event.

January 2014:   

This New Year will be very different from last year.  This will be a year of measurable balance of many aspects.  Overreaching in any one direction, like finances, will bring disappointment all around.  Consider each aspect in equal measure for a harmonious relation throughout the year.  Last year on new year's eve I was guided to "absorb the energy of joy" expressed at midnight.  This time everything came equally.  It felt full and extremely balanced in all respects.

1/8/2014   Unusual visual of what looked like a falling star last night in meditation, but there were no other stars in the background, just the descending fireball.  

February 2014:  
Sketch of my aura reveals the creative process with Vesica Pices in the 8th chakra.  


2/7/14  Dreamed a friend pointed out a green bumblebee to me.  When I emailed her about it, she replied with a picture of them. 

April  4/18/14  A bird flew under my car today and was stunned, but still standing.  I parked and went to pick him up out of the middle of the road, but a car hit him again.  It was distressing.  When I met up with my friend, I told him about it.  He remembered a dream he had about me the night before.  He said I was watching a baby bird hatch, and it immediately flew out of its nest.  The hatchling taking immediate flight represents an instantaneous new beginning.

Near the end of the month, invisible hands took my arms in a lucid dream and led me to where the rest of the body was in a small pond.  I thought to call 911 and the location immediately came to my mind.  I was aware of the intent behind the arms to show me where the body was.

May  5/4/14  I was in a dream where a hallway of majestic gothic arches towered my form with shocking realism.  And in each alcove along the vast hallway an image flickered like a condensed movie.  Staying to the vein, the backbone of the dream and hallway, I heard a tone.  It reverberated within me with a distant remembrance, and I waited.  I watched the holographic scenes in the alcoves slowly fade beyond recognition until all the possible paths they represented dissolved.  And I witnessed with vague familiarity as the seamless stone arches fell away into a mist like puzzle pieces scattering to a silent and unseen desire.  Two robed figures floated there in the vanishing debris, beckoning me. 

I suddenly emerged within what felt like a controlled scene where chanting and a steady drum beat filled my bones.  I saw the source ahead of me in a partially sheltered outdoor gathering of Native American women.  My glance drifted from the drummer to the chantress.  My female escort into this scene sat silent and motionless to my left, ignoring my mental inquiries.  And then the spoken words to my right shifted my gaze. "We could not venture to where you are at present, so we have brought you here among us.  This is the first step and immediate response to your request.  The next step is a difficult test.  Stay.  Your escort will show you your lodgings."
My request?  How may I help in reestablishing the eternal flame of the chosen ones. 

5/6/14  In the dream I came to a thick, large, square door of unknown material and with no apparent means to open it.  When I mentally wondered about the door, a delicate sea oat sculpture floated up into view, and I stroked it.  A high pitched chorus of chimes shifted the air.  And then a chantress, with the perfectly beautiful face of every nation blended as one, moved forward, repeating the same hypnotic tone in 1/6th (?) time.  The tone still rang in my ears upon awakening.

July  7/6/14  Had a nice event at 1am.  It felt like I was in a pyramidal energy with the missing capstone being repositioned at my crown.  I could feel my molecular structure unbind then reform, like a wave moving from the outermost ends of my body towards my center and then radiating back out.  The accompanying visual was filled with points of light, and my form fell away into a structured layout of particles then reassembled.  There was a clear, piercing tone similar to previous events, but this one was especially clean in vibration where my teeth didn't ache. 
August  8/15/14  In the dream I assured my escort that I was ready, that I felt prepared due to recent events.  She then led me down a wooded path where at some distance I knew a meeting would commence.  The path was familiar to her, she greeted approaching animals by name.   But I stopped to see why a golden eagle was on the ground.  He was on his back and appeared to be dazed.  I reached down to help him get up on my arm and to see what I could do for him.  But he continually scraped and pecked my wrist with his beak to where I could no longer hold him and put him back down. 
Both my wrists soon began to itch and felt like they were being pricked by thorns.  When I rubbed them for relief, I discovered I was wearing bear hide gloves with reddish brown fur, similar colors to the eagle's breast feathers.  I tried to remove the gloves when I realized I was being nipped by small animals inside the gloves.  A flying squirrel, bat, mouse, and even a fox were partially visible or touched my awareness. 
An understanding that my earlier request was being answered relaxed my struggle to be free from their grasp.  The irritation quickly subsided, a warm tone enveloped my senses, and the strength of a focused force lifted me far into the sky.

8/26/14  Last night, in a dream, this guy in a Beefeater costume said to leave the mountain I frequently visit.  For reasons that didn't make any sense, something about pressure levels though.  (There was a 2.4 earthquake centered on this mountain on 11/8/14).
October  10/28/14   I woke up after a Native American surfaced in a dream.  He told me I must die under a layer of feathers.  I understood it to mean to completely give way to spirit, to let go and become. 
November  11/8/14  The clairvoyant artist said triangular, transparent panels dashed back and forth from distant spiraling lights to my form, creating pyramidal structures around me.  This image is similar to a diary entry on 7/6.  The diagonal blue bar felt self-contained without beginning or end.  It reminds me of a diagonal white one I saw recently.  It looked much like a long, thin, white, flat rectangle, resting in the void.  An angelic chorus of tones came from it.  It was a short burst of a chorus of notes.  And then it repeated at a lower vibration.  It had a visually defined length, but felt like it had no beginning or end.  It was a non-gender line.  And it had no intent, only infinite potential.  In this image, notice how the egg-shaped spiral snuggles up to the line and the line responds in form around it.
Pyramids are common with me.  A transparent pyramid was shown to me in a vision in 2012 and appeared to deal with templates.  Hundreds of gold rectangles were perfectly positioned in sharp perspective on a horizontal plane.  A huge, transparent pyramid enclosed them, held them at a specific level not too far from its base.

11/16/14  Had some nice harmonious tones ringing in my ears last night.  Woke me up, but didn't recall an event.  I did quickly voice requests while in the vibe and felt them flow into action. 

December 12  Met an interesting being in a dream last night.  He said he traveled from world to world, restoring order.  He didn't look entirely human.  And I kept thinking of Thor when I was with him. He had a large, wing shaped object with six glowing circles on it.


January 2013:  The new year always begins with a theme to emphasize the months ahead.  As soon as midnight passed, the spiritual push came to stand up and ground the joy expressed in a new year.  The push was still there at dawn, and again I answered the call.  Whatever the year holds ahead, joy will be needed.  

1/4  My eyes were closed, but I was looking at a scene when it suddenly collapsed by spiraling out of sight.  The action was so immediate, I didn't recall the entire image.

1/6   This event was different in that I felt more of a horizontal expansion.  I even saw boundaries breaking away from me.  At the end of the event I found myself in a dark landscape.  I recognized two individuals that appeared to be lost, and it felt like I was there to find them.  I called one of them by name (Marie) and got them both to come to me.  I put an arm around each of them and headed out.  But their demon-like creatures were trying to stop us.  I told the two women to call in the Christ light and we disappeared into a golden light.

1/12  In the vision I saw the eastern US with the states outlined in white.  The states west of the states bordering the Atlantic began moving east, crushing the coastal states at the oceans edge.  Large land masses along the coast instantly folded, disappeared, or dropped out of view.  North Carolina appeared to have the greatest land mass changes, while other coastlines were sheared.  Every newspaper and TV station carried the story.  There were rumors among the survivors of a pole shift, but the waning crescent moon both held its position and marked the time.  (The blue vision last year of the comet would date this event playing out in September 2014.)
1/18  Something is still developing in the east.  I saw many aircraft heading that way at low altitude. 
!/19  In a dream I saw my image in a mirror.  My right eyebrow was missing.
1/21  I was looking at caterpillars in the dream but didn't recognize them as such.  I wanted to call them worms but knew they were not.  I was a bit bewildered and could only look on, unable to see the connection.  Then I heard a woman's voice.  She stepped into the dream to provide clarity.  And the caterpillars were replaced by butterflies.  One I saw with inner vision, and I could feel it resting on my left earlobe.  It was all silver in color and sang into my ear.  A blue butterfly rested not too far in front of me and an illuminated gold butterfly was just beyond it. 

I did not recognize my own transitional phase (the caterpillar) for what it was.  But I felt a long awaited rejuvenation from the silver butterfly's song.

February 2013:  This month begins on a quiet note and may set the theme for the month. 

2/6  "The Sirians are coming."  That was the message last night in vision and voice. 

March 2013:  After a long silence there was an event on sunday night (3rd).  This one felt more like a healing, and I could feel it approaching like a welling up in pressure before the sound of it consumed my from.  I didn't think to ask anything, but struggled against the weight of my eyelids to get a glimpse of my surroundings.  Just as I began to feel weightless in the event, my vision opened up.  And I saw a pulsing light outside my window.  I felt a vortex of energy swirling within me, and my inner vision looked down into it as I began to slowly roll from my right side to my left and back again.  My vision followed the roll across the ceiling to the wall opposite the window and then reversed with the roll.  A moment after returning to the starting position the roll repeated.  The event ended with a flood of transparent images and distant voices fading in an echo of remembrance.  Pulling memories out of the past now have no feeling of permanence and lack sharp resolution.  They flicker like a mirage. 

3/11  I've been wondering since mid February when the annual announcement of spring would arrive.  Now, coming into the middle of March, the anticipation grows daily and still no sign. 

3/18  Here's to my visions and dreams of comets.  The current one (Pan-STARRS) can be seen in the west within an hour after the setting sun.  The next (ISON) and potentially the "comet of the century" is in November.  This may be the one from an earlier vision in my diary.  It was discovered after my vision.  My blue and white visions are a new communication and apparently appear to me this way to suggest a length of time until the event arrives. 

3/20  I felt a slight pressure to my forehead last night.  I thought to ask what it was from and immediately saw a white light embedded in my forehead.  And then a voice said, "The unicorn." 

April 2013:   4/15 There was an unusual man in one of my dreams last night.  His eyes looked like eclipses, large black orbs against fiery golden suns.  I just took a brief glimpse while yakking to him about nothing.  But he was no ordinary individual and walked with me for some distance. 

It has been quiet this month, but things are different with me.  I've been restless, frustrated, anxious, and busy.  Suspect a huge change is coming and I'm partially resisting. 

May 2013:  My aura the day before a family member passed.  He came to me within an hour of passing, and I felt the purity of who he was.  And when his essence entered me, a blazing sun flooded my vision. 

June 2013:  I've seen black snakes in my gardens.  They are common messengers of transition and change.  And dreams flood my sleep time to keep me informed.

July 2013:  A bolt of light shot through me, pushing the breath out of me.

Again the bolts come, this time racing down through my crown and pranic tube. 

August 2013:
  An event at long last.  So tired last night though that I put all my concentration on holding the energy and didn't think to ask questions.  But I did think to open my eyes several times and saw what looked like a flight panel with multicolored lights.

September 2013:  Feels like things out there are winding up towards  a big change.  Desperate behaviors in people.  And some have nowhere left to hide, not even behind their words.  Transparency.  I hear the inflection of one word and the story behind it unfolds.  Look to the eastern coastline this time next year for a major change.  
October 2013:   Event last night, and nearly forgot about it this morning.  It was longer than most.  Felt like 5 minutes.  Recall flashing lights and images during it and an audible message from a masculine energy at the end, but no details this morning.  Also, a feminine energy gave me her name. 

November 2013:  
 11/19  Had an event last night, but all I saw were hundreds of crimson red orbs of light swirling into a funnel.
11/25   Been seeing things out of the corners of my eyes a lot lately. 

December 2013:  
 12/3  I've been waking up lately with the realization that I'm being taught high concept stuff.  I just feel the fringes of it upon awakening.  It's a very interesting and nice feeling.  That last event I had with the hundreds of red orbs coming together into a swirl had me thinking the other day that it was connected to this "night school" I'm in.  From past visions and dreams, I have seen a single red orb hidden or buried and equated it with discovering hidden knowledge. 

January 2012:
  Modes of travel appear to be the prevailing theme going into the New Year.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds this year. 

1/4  I knew to extend my body in a certain position and direction to find an aspect of self at an unknown location and distance.  Movement commences with great velocity through a ribbed, golden apricot colored tunnel. 

Upon arrival I did not appear to be noticed by the many in attendance.  I found the non-supportive "aspect" by his energy signature.  He sensed my presence and intention, attempting to escape, to blend with the shadows.  But I caught him and repeatedly "slammed" his energy from this particular vibratory space. 

My intention then was directed to returning, to complete the cycle.  I positioned my body for travel, but the fulcrum necessary for "ignition" was not as strong as before and I did not reach full rotation to open the tunnel.


Then I heard popping sounds and felt holes opening up in my form.  The popping increased in pace and pitch just like a popcorn maker does.  With each pop my form took a hit.  I could feel my teeth turning to dust from the pulverizing blows of the popping.  My form pleasantly and completely disintegrated to dust, the echoes of the blasting still ringing in my phantom ears.

1/12  I was on the beach in the "dream" when the ground rumbled and the sunlight rapidly diminished as the tidal wave swallowed the sky.

1/14  There was a “pop” sound in my head followed by what sounded like a large stone rolling away.  Then at the edge of a large burst of inner golden white light, a female voice softly called my name.


1/15  My inner vision was flooded by white light.  Then pulses of white light, like sparklers, descended in linear fashion into my head at about 4 second intervals until I faded off to sleep.   

1/17  I had a long list of requests for spirit, like upgrades, balancing, and the like, all to bring everything up to speed.  Within moments I saw a transparent obelisk on top of my head.  Bands of gold either encircled the obelisk or rested within, while spheres of golden light descended at short intervals through the shaft and into my crown. 

1/23  I've been noticing a feeling of no-time.  For over a week it seems I can't keep up with what day it is.  Recent weeks feel like a blur. 

1/26  In meditation two dimensions became apparent.  Like crossing the eyes, the dimensions appeared similar and overlapped.  And like with the eyes, concentrating on one scene over the other emphasized the details.  But with the dimensions, the focus was a mental one, a shift.

The subject of memories suddenly came to mind.  And when I probed to see what was going on I had the feeling that whole timelines of memories had simply vanished.  But as I didn't know what was gone I couldn't know what was missing.  I only knew that people I knew and every experience with them had been cleared away, or I moved away from them. 

February, 2012:  In the dream I noticed the reflection in the mirror as me, but the image was not of my likeness at all.  I found the acclamation to my appearance disorienting, which tells me I still have attachments to form or specifically identity.  When all attachments are cleansed, form becomes fluid, non static, and morphable.

Days, dates, and weeks are blurred by the ongoing feeling of timelessness. 

2/17  At dawn I stepped outside to be filled with an abundant chorus of bird song.  Spring had rushed in early to claim the day and season as the crescendo pressed into my cells unabated.

March, 2012:  In the early morning I found myself in an epic dream.  When I realized what was taking place I tried to keep up with the details.  But when I did come fully out of the "dream", I could only remember that it felt complicated and eventful with many layers of preparation involved.  And again, there was another me that didn't look like me. 

3/24  Painting of my aura reflects recent diary entries.  Unlike previous aura paintings, I felt especially absent from this one, an indication of detachment from identity. 


3/28  A vision of a white speckled blue scene pushed into view.  One large and perfectly round white ball in a trailing white outline cut through the scene.  And it felt like something beneficial is coming just around the corner.

   Again makes three where me is me but not me in reflection seen.

April 6, 2012:
  In the dream last night I recognized that my skin color was distinctly different as were the proportions of my form.  But I did not take the realization further until I awoke where the possibility of transposing was no longer viable. 

4/11  A voice in the night rolled a scene into play where one member's choice prompted a rushed gathering in response.  A turtle too with eager import to attend the appointed time, clawed with uncommon haste to get under the closed gate.  With high pitched shrills did the turtle object as one attendee tossed him aside and entered the gate.  The illuminated manuscripts framed in the turtles scets glowed in his surprisingly agile retreat.  Forthright to the record keeper inside the gate did I ask her for a number and 1500 she delivered. 
4/15  Twice in the dream did he wake me up, insisting that I give him a time to set the alarm clock.  The second time he awoke me he gave me the two options of 4am or 5am.  I would have preferred 6am but took 5am, questioning where we were going that I had to get up that early to prepare.  Five is the number for freedom.
4/17  A restless, nearly sleepless night with roaming thoughts of the meaning in recent events produced a string of visions in the early hours while a familiar voiceover accompanied them.  One I partially recall appeared to deal with human templates.  The last came into view on a black background as if suspended in space.  Hundreds of gold rectangles were perfectly positioned in sharp perspective on a horizontal plane.  A huge, transparent pyramid enclosed them, held them at a specific level not too far from its base.

4/18  At 1am did my ears begin to fill with the increasing pitch that often precedes an event.  I asked to see what was taking place when I felt my form become weightless and begin to peel from the bed feet first.  I could feel and see it happening as my feet arched  perfectly over my head and towards the closed window beside me.  And then there it was, the underside of a black spider on the outside windowpane.  At first I hesitated with a thought of dread that again I was faced with my reflection.  But I remained with the image, contemplating the significance.  And as I floated up and down in front of my side of the window, the spider matched my movements from the outside.

Weight started returning to my form as the high pitch in my ears and the vibrations subsided.  I wanted to proceed with the event that was presented to me.  I took deep breaths to relax, trusting the outcome was in my best interest. 

Again it began with the escalating pitch and accompanying bodily vibration.  I could see and feel that a cylindrical force rapidly spun left around my form as it became weightless.  The peeling repeated from feet to head until I hung upside down by a mere thread attached to my feet.

I felt and heard a grinding force in the top of my head, like two large stones in their sandwiched movement.

Then did the cylindrical force shift into the other direction, carrying me off and through the windowpane like a balloon embraced by a sudden breeze.

Slowly becoming upright, did I gently feel nudges to my feet as the directed descent began with thread taunt.  I soon felt my feet touching ground and wondered where I had been relocated as a sense of joyful freedom filled my being.

4/21  I was in a dream scene where a portion of a pyramidal city was being locked down and buried for an indefinite period of time.  All remaining structures above ground with any hazardous or unnatural materials were being dismantled by every citizen to cleanse the earth.  The only color present was in the perfectly aligned, upright and large, golden yellow rectangles that were there to assist in the cleansing.  The rectangles dotted both sides of the street towards a vanishing point beyond view.   

Food was extremely scarce.  What looked like a small fried brain was being cut lengthwise to share.  One person stood out from all the others.  He looked content, healthy, bright and colorful.  He was a stark contrast to the scene and seemingly unnoticed by the others.  He approached me to share his secret.  His right hand unfolded to reveal a round indigo fish, breathing on its own.  He placed it on the right side of my face, rubbing the fish into my skin until the whole right side of my head heated up.  A high pitch steadily grew in my right ear.  A loud crack sound in my head pulled me out of the scene. 

4/22  A wide screen vision of a coppery liquid gold came into view.  Cool to the touch and alive it repeatedly pulsed words to the surface, like magical alphabet soup.

4/24  An event began at 1am with the familiar sounds and vibrations.  I asked to see what was taking place and the image came of the inside of my brain.  I could feel and see energy moving between the two sides of my brain, like liquid lightning.  And then the face of a woman came into view among others present around me.  She said I was going in for tests.  And I understood her to mean that tests were being run on me at present.  I mentally thought to have someone touch my physical lower lip to feel a different realness of their presence.  Two light caresses touched the very spot I had in mind. 

May, 2012:  The first week of the month has been quiet with deep sleeps.  But I often awake with no idea what day it is.  The struggle to reach the appropriate day takes great effort.

5/14  I felt a small hand lie on top of mine and saw his face in concentrated intent amongst a swelling crowd of faces.  Then I heard and felt the event coming as they often do.  My teeth especially vibrated from the intensity of it.  But there was something different with this event that I could feel and hear.  Then one foot would tremble, lift and relax.  The other foot would do the same.  Back and forth did they take a turn for some time, while my teeth took an intense bath in the energies.  Then my head left the pillow as my body followed suit.  With eyes now open and arms extended I hovered parallel to the floor, slowly approaching the window.  Outside I saw two men in the yard.  The one with the same face as before sat up in the tree.  His right hand extended out as if still guiding mine while his legs continually shivered.  The other man looked up in wait for me in his position under the tree.  Once I fully cleared the window the sounds and vibrations ceased.   The scene below expanded into an unfamiliar courtyard as the man in wait waved me on.  I soon was motioned down by a woman dressed in a light blue uniform with an insignia above her left breast.  With feet now on the ground I looked around to see many others floating in and being guided to these greeters.  The woman then said that at the next step I would be offered an exchange pertaining to a mission if I chose to accept.  As she motioned to the next in command the scene abruptly vanished, and I suddenly found myself back in my bed.

5/26  I asked what was with her actions and the vision came of a salt lick sitting in a dark landscape.  And I wondered how this vision related to my question when the second vision came of a large tree oozing sap from a large hole in its center.  I understood then that all her strength, her life force went into ensuring that other people felt they were dependent on her.  Therein resides the personification of the old earth energies.  

5/29  In the “dream” a comet raced across the sky.  Then five saucers came lined up in movement from the opposite direction and each large like a soft full moon.  I could feel them circling the earth when a large explosion occurred in the northern hemisphere.  The clouds boiled there for days before all the sky became electrified in my region. 

June, 2012: 
On the first day of the month I awoke in the month of July and planned my week accordingly.  But the escape was short lived as the day fizzled to a close and the night embraced me with little assurance.  And in the night she dreamed of me levitating between blue sky and galaxies, one foot in the earth, the other in the stars.  Dressed in gold, a large ring bearing commitment to the Infinite glimmered like a star on my hand.  She painted my portrait as I posed before flying off in a swirl of gold and silver triangles.


Here it is midway into the month and all has been rather quiet with deep sleeps, fragmented dreams here and there, and a few "events" like distant thunder.  But I am also in the crux of an apex, a pivot point of change, and my aura has shut down in protection and preparation.  Most of my mental questions are answered with, "July."  So, I'm in a significant month, following synchronicities like following bread crumbs back to safety.  And all the while, confirmations light my path through the transition to a higher purpose.

If by grace or by intent, the blows from the old earth energies in the month of June still hit harder than I could ever imagine, but I surfed the destructive waves and bring insights back from the dark to survive what surely is still ahead in my new mission revealed.

July, 2012:  On the first of the month, a vision rushed into view of an intricate design on a black background.  The design felt alive and glistened with gold.  The edges of the black background were frayed like old paper.  And as the whole image rushed towards me, multi colored letters burst from its gold lines.

7/10  I awoke no longer feeling burdened by the events of June and ready to leave the unsalvageable behind to embrace the new. 

7/19  Tonight the face of my higher self came into close view.  His gaze moved into mine.

7/20  A black snake fell from a high branch onto my feet, interrupting my movement as it headed west and signaling a rapid change ahead, a quickening of some kind.

7/26  Been feeling out of place since the vision of my higher self, like my physical body hasn't caught up to where I really am.
7/28  Coyotes playing and howling in the underbrush near me.  And more hawks crossing my path at eye level.

  On the 4th I was in a string of dreams where a disagreement progressively escalated into an all out conflict between two factions, necessitating a migration from the area.  Meanwhile, I was having interactions with President Obama and his wife.  In the first scene I was talking with both of them.  In the second scene I was helping the President subdue a fire burning around his wife.  In the third scene the President called me and put his wife on the line.  There was excitement and gratitude in her voice.  When she proceeded to tell me something significant I interrupted her to say that "they" were shutting down the power grid.  From the high advantage point that I was at I could see down on a large steel tower.  Pulses of blue colored light shot up from its base to the top until the surrounding area fell into darkness.    
In the morning I had to reset breaker switches.
I saw her approach my back and heard her disconcerting whisper. 
The month seems long into the 20th day with no "events" of note or recall.  But the nights are full with dreams that feel like layered journeys.  And still I'm feeling like I am in a different place than in my body.

8/28  Again black snake crosses my path, racing west.  And I know I'm being shown a direction in my path.  Moments later when I returned to the same spot, an owl feather confirmed it.

There are many full, complete feeling dreams of late as if all of me is participating at a designated level. 

8/31  Legend says they live in the rocks, moving towards the surface at auspicious times to absorb the density from physical forms on the surface.  I could feel them moving beneath me in ripple like waves of energy.  And I could see them in golden pointillism fashion as their molecules passed with ease through those of the rock.  The impulse is to keep moving, to avoid contact with the unknown, the legendary golden race.  But I found myself reclined on solid rock and met their touch with some reserve as my form turned to heavy liquid and entered the rock where now, caution notes, I move similarly as they do. 

September, 2012:
  A HD vision with saturated colors flashed into view of two mountain peaks side by side, looking exactly alike.  Venus was above the mountain on the right and near the dip between the two.  Then a huge hand moved in from below and "stamped" the left mountain near the dip with a thundering sound.  So, may be a future "position" as I've had two snake messages suggesting just that.

9/8  And so it is.  She saw me flying into her home some 45 minutes before our scheduled siting for an aura painting and at about the same time that I asked "my team" to give her a good show.  She said I was about 14 feet tall, shaped somewhat like an upside down pyramid, and moving towards the shadows of two pyramids where I aligned with the stars resting between them.  


9/26  Someone ran a stop sign and smashed in the side of my car, fulfilling a previous vision.  And I'd been wondering the month before the accident if another car would pass through mine, as the thought kept entering my mind.  The answer is no when you are screaming, "OMG the car is going to hit me!"

9/30  Deep sleeps with little recall filled the month.  The dream scenes have unusual landscapes and several times I'm aware of being in a different form.
October:  The deep sleeps continue.  
10/23  I had a dream where freak events were occurring one after another.  It began with freak fire starts.  And then a freak snow came.  I took shelter inside and felt the ground roll violently.  Through a window I saw in the distance a watery dome shaped growth pushing up like a boil and stretching high in the sky.  Then it collapsed to the ground sending a shock wave across the land, imploding structures.  (The storm Sandy hit the east coast in the week ahead, producing similar events.) 
10/30   Deep sleeps still and with little recall continued through the month, allowing me to concentrate on spiritual projects with deadlines to meet.  And spirit is pushing me to finish them, leaving me with little time for even simple pleasures.
November:  Events often appear the first of a new month and especially the beginning of a new year.  And on the first day of this month the event began with a female voice asking me to draw a specified shape on paper.  Then I saw her fingers press down on the symbol and sink through the paper, like kneading dough.  With her action, I felt compression in my from.      
11/10  Aura sketch reflects recent events.  The clairvoyant artist said she was having numerous "signs" all week from spirit and asked me to raise my arm to confirm the messages.  And there was the energy and wing of Ma'at she saw earlier.

11/14  I was on the edge of sleep early am, finishing a conversation with someone and replied, "If that is what you will have me do."  Immediately a vision of a golden full moon came into view, then suddenly reversed its course giving way to daylight, all in a few seconds time.  (The spiritual pressure since June to finish a writing project instantly subsides upon completion.)
I was also dreaming of a friend that night.  In most of my "dreams" lately, I'm aware of being in other forms in other realities.   And I recognized her in another form, told her, and asked her to give me something personal of hers to take back to her other persona.  She gave me a photo of herself that kept changing images of her in other realities.
11/15  While working on a writing project a curious thought came to mind, and an even more curious expression came as follows:  I breach consciousness in unison with the solar aspect.  In simpatico relation to known and unknown forces therein, my sheltering shrouds give way to daily ritual, unfolding to prosper in a cosmic dance I arise.

December, 2012:  The new month began with a disorientation that is becoming familiar.  I awoke in a timeless state.  It's a very odd feeling to find a comparison to.  But there was no concept of placement, and no day to attach to.  Mentally struggling to find ground in a timeline takes a type of effort that is non-existent in palpable timelessness.  So, I have to search memories recorded through emotions of this physical reality and body to ground me in this dimension.

12/7  As soon as I closed my eyes to rest, a large orb passed through my head, releasing the tension built up there. 

12/13  Something interesting caught my attention in a dream, so I paused it to have a closer look.  There was no jitter to the pause as in other paused dreams.  But the clarity of the document I was seeing had issues.  Only one portion of the text was in sharp focus.  It was the phrase and title of my forthcoming book.  And I was able to hold the "frame" of the dream for a considerable length of time. 

12/21  In the vision I was looking out over a meadow saturated with vibrant golden colors.  Then I saw the heavens swirl open to reveal the distant Central Sun, as if some magical combination tumbled into place to open a door.  Bodies of light, like stars, swirled through the open corridor.  And I watched my own light travel there.    

As December comes to a close, a vision comes into view of two identical pyramidal peaks, similar to a vision back in September.  But where Venus once was, a small circle with a diagonal line through it now dominates the horizon, as if to say "no" or "no more."  But the two peaks feel like they are full with circular energy.  And I heard a masculine voice, like none I've heard before.  Every word felt full, perfect, and penetrating.  The annunciation was crisp, and each syllable reverberated like a full orchestral piece.
My attention was immediately divided between deciphering the vision and understanding the message that thundered repeatedly.  I felt the words sinking into my bones but could not recall the entire message afterwards.

January, 2011:
   I see the One life and think it me.  But I seek reflection where there is only expression.

Hawk carries away a live bird in his talons.  I ask why one inflicts on same and the images flowed into view of quality and degree of responsibility flowing into expression.  Some have rods, some have wings, and some have scars where steel and plastic used to be. 

Lots of blue flashes and burning hips over the last few months explain the jumps through time to correct imbalances in sub-personalities.  When polarities are balanced they are dissolved, directions fade and time collapses.   

A burst of blue light comes into view with letters and markings flowing forth by the multitudes.  They were unstructured but meaningful, a new alchemy coming forth.


February, 2011:  Vertical vision comes into view unlike any I recall having before.  Clusters of multi-colored circles swirled into view, merged, then burst.  (Chakras merging and the opening of the Golden 10th chakra of enlightenment, mastery, and the akashic records.)

Vision of geese flying north indicates an early spring.

March 9, 2011:
  I dreamed I walked into a dream.  The staircase descending into the dream of illusions was grand and made of marble.  I found my way to a room where legal advice is given.  I was there to regain rights or permission to sing my song.  (The re-discovery that everything has a song, secret to manifesting.)

3/20  The next vision came into view like the preceding one, only larger, and with equal vibrancy.  Bleached white tendrils that looked like part of a rib cage stretched across the peculiar landscape.  A barely noticeable blood red looking orb nestled in the landscape nearby.  (Hidden knowledge.)

3/26  In the “dream” I was instructed to place 7 or 8 items in a line from left to right.  All the items appeared to be small, packaged, common household items.  The first item I randomly chose was a filled, medical prescription container and placed it to the far left.  The response was, "Oh, you place relationships at least value?"  I felt myself leave the dream state to the awake state to gain insight, and then return to what appeared to be a game of manipulation in familiar horizontal theme without resolve, for I did not find value, attachment, or order of importance in any of the packaged products in view.  And weaving in and out of the dream (illusions) or controlled game was the apparent solution. 

All the packages were unmarked and white against a white background, white on white.  Placing the white cylinder or any shape anywhere on the horizontal could likely represent anything the 'controller' pressed into any mind.  Getting past step one did not appear to be available.  Only through weaving in and out of the dream (illusions) did I seem to be able to thwart what appeared to be deliberate and limiting programs trying to enslave.

April, 2011:
  As I pondered on timelessness, I stopped breathing and entered palpable timelessness.

4/24  In the vision, two black snakes lay side by side in opposing horizontal movement, but no distance came between them.  The landscape of each snake overlapped beneath them in transparent, continuous movement as if each snake was swimming upstream.  Everything appeared to be in constant, equal flow.  (The balance sustained by the major light workers.  And individually living in balance and flow with fields of realities. The serpents have to be side by side.)

July, 2011:
  The bursts of white light have been more like swirls lately.  And occasionally a blue flash will enter the landscape, indicating movement between realms.

Been feeling "out of place" for a month or so, like watching life from another perspective.  Often find myself in two locations at once.  When the distance is close, I'm more aware of it.  When far, it is difficult to perceive and has me feeling a bit disoriented. 

August, 2011:
  Two feathers gifted.  I was on a hike in the mountains.  My head involuntarily moved as if gently guided, like times before.  My eyes followed suit, took a moment to refocus, to register what I was seeing.  And that is how the feathers seemed to magically appear on the ground, there but not there, then solid.

I had "Company" last night.  Signature time is near the midnight hour.  The familiar body sensations preceded contact.  I vaguely recall a conversation.  I vaguely recall making an uncomfortable decision that prompted me to vocally state my role in giving and receiving. 

September, 2011:  On the first day of the month abundance filled me and stayed with me.  I was overflowing.  There was no longer a distinction between giving and receiving, only expression remained.  Such is the True nature of abundance.

“Insights” from recent events:   I have all the time in the world and beyond because there is no time.  I stand at the end of the line of those who measure time.  There are many masterful plans in place.  There are many players in their respective roles.  To know when to observe and when to act is the mastery of giving.  The art of giving acknowledges space for another to receive.  In their receiving do you receive in abundance.  Many approach with measured time engrained from non-truths.  An open life through example does the hand of the True extend.  Being approachable accentuates the Real.

9/17  In the evening hours I felt a “gathering” coming together much like the feeling of being in a crowded elevator.  It felt like a project and/or a discussion was to commence.  Soon, the state of Texas came to mind and immediately there was movement.  I felt like a pressure valve being opened.  I could feel a force of energy flowing through my whole body as if I were a large pipeline.  I was neither depleted nor replenished, just the valve to allow flow. 

9/20  They were golden, stick-like figures racing up the staircase in the “dream."  Not more than a foot tall, the last of them peered around the corner.  Half shy, half adapting me to their appearance.  I welcomed them, the new DNA. 

In the midnight hour did his right hand move towards my head with consent.  The tips of his thumb and middle finger stretched around the top of my head and rested on either side near my temples.  I felt enormous pressure encroaching on pain as he squeezed.  My head revved with energy and near deafening volume.  My crown chakra joined my ear chakras to where I could no longer detect the top of my head or his hand.  There was a cracking and popping noise inside my left temple as the event and the tall slender man slowly faded. 

October 1, 2011:  P
ainting of my aura reflects recent events from diary.


10/2  I was visiting with friends, discussing recent events.  I asked one if she would like some gold (DNA).  She placed her hand in mine and I saw the "golds" cover her body.  They rolled up her form and concentrated at her spine until it became solid gold.  She bolted from her chair and moved about the room with increased energy.  Her eyes said something was noticeably different about her as gold light shone through.  And she later commented that she felt really smart.   

10/8  Last night I had another “event."  My whole body revved up in the midnight hour.  My weightless body began to levitate when I heard the odd musical notes like hundreds of harp strings being plucked at once (calibration of additional chakras to support additional DNA).  I woke up in the morning three days into the future.  Through the next hour I readjusted into the present. The next morning I woke up similarly. 

10/28  I dreamed of Oprah.  She asked me several questions pertaining to what needs I might have.  I felt her questions were supported by what she was only able to give.  But with each question, I answered that my needs were sustained.

10/30  In the "dream", I saw what looked like an old scroll with odd markings on it.  It felt like I was seeing it through a stone wall where it was placed vertically in a small chamber.  I tried to stay focused on the scroll when I realized I was aware of it.  Holding the image took some effort, like paddling up stream.  But I soon understood "seventh seal" and also felt that I was the seventh seal. 

December, 2011:
  In a “dream," I threw out a white bed sheet flat on the ground so someone could cross the world to catch up with someone else, very cool to watch.  The effect was compressed time and distance.

In the vision a young deer was running from right to left through a lush forest.  A passenger jet was keeping pace with the deer in the same direction and at surprisingly low altitude.  Letters and symbols in rainbow colors rushed into the scene from the opposite direction, like fall leaves caught in a brisk wind.

January, 2010:  The familiar buzzing sound pulled me out of a dream.  The sound wavered in pitch and I thought it might fizzle out.  I placed my intention on it and felt a sudden surge of energy shoot up my spine.  I saw a bolt of light exit my crown. 

(Aura painting reflects recent events in diary entries.  When the clairvoyant artist finished, we walked outside and the clouds overhead had changed to the same grid-like pattern in my aura.)

A light fell from my view like a shooting star.  Then a light scanned across my face.  The third light penetrated my third eye.

Not sure how long it was there before I became aware of it.  The white cube floated to the upper left of my vision.  A stylized letter glowed red in color.  Just as I thought I recognized the letter as a "W," the lighted cube was replaced by darting specks of light in brilliant colors.

March, 2010: 
A luminous form appeared to my right and without hesitation moved into my physical form.

April, 2010: 
A small, winged form of light fluttered into me.

July, 2010:  
Corner of my eye caught sight of a large object moving fast.  It dissolved in mid-flight the moment I concentrated on it.

August, 2010:  I was half asleep when the singing pulled me into the "event" and into a room filled with sacred objects and song.  The language of the words was unfamiliar.  But I felt them penetrate me, subduing me to the floor of the room.  I felt my body beginning to vibrate when she stopped singing to say, "This one is for healthy organs."  And she proceeded with another song that shot through my body like an electric shock.

October, 2010:
 I became a drop of rain water, falling to the ground.  I felt my absorption into the soil, felt the roots of the maple tree pull me in and instantaneously distribute me throughout its form.  This is the nature of communication without form. 

December, 2010:  In the “event," she stood up behind me and with her hand patted from right to left across my shoulder blades while saying, "reconnection."  I felt weak in the knees and head, falling to the ground.  I awoke with buzzing in my ears and new chakras stretching across my body from one hand to the other.  

Recently, as I go about my day, the landscape before me will shudder or fold. 

March, 2009: 
A bright flash of light interrupted my vision.  An image of a large oak filled my mind's eye.  The bare limbs slightly swayed in the dimming light.  Buds rapidly began to appear from the lower limbs to the top, then leaves unfurled in similar fashion.  I felt the energy race up through the tree and spread to every twig.  The now fully leafed tree quickly faded and my vision returned.

We had a very early spring.

June, 2009:
The morning sun breached the horizon when black snake curled into the bluebird house, smothering the tiny occupants.  The cries for help were no match for the intruder.  And in that moment I knew that she too would soon pass.  Bluebirds were her favorite.  A week later the sad news came.

August, 2009:
  Sunlight emerging, black snake dangles from the bird feeder like a dark pendulum, the fresh catch now lifeless in its jaws.  Another will pass, I thought.  A week later the tragic news came. 

September, 2009:  Heard the words, "Your soul..." with the inflection that I was to respond.  "My soul belongs to the One Life", was my immediate reply.  Three rapid bursts of white light followed.

December, 2009:  He appeared elderly in the vision.  When he reached out and touched me, waves of energy shot through me.  He held tight to me through the intense movements.  Moments later I felt my form deflating.  Then I felt inflation into a new form. 

January, 2008: 
A cloud-like form appeared to my left, drifting towards me.  Twelve figures illuminated within.  I stated, "Teach me in a joyful and healing manner."  Pulses of light burst forth from the cloud and engulfed me.  Voices drifted in and out as I fell to sleep.

Pulses of white light cascaded into my crown, spiking my energy and mood.

I felt my feet warming up, a pulse building, then an expansion.  A high pitch sound grew in volume.  My whole body was starting to vibrate.  I could see and feel an image, a part of myself slowly disintegrating from head to toe and exiting through the bottoms of my feet.  A rush of energy flowed in behind it, from my feet to the top of my head, embracing every cell as it moved.  I had let go of something big, and the change was dramatic.

A scene popped up in a vision and immediately folded in on itself in spiral fashion.  My third eye had been manipulated, opened wide.  A burst of light and energy rushed in.

February, 2008:  I was aware of a being standing in front of me.  His arm appeared elongated as it thrust towards me repeatedly.  With each thrust, a burst of energy entered my chest and spread rapidly throughout my body.

I could feel the energy in the room getting lighter and my body began to match the energy.  Waves of energy rushed up my body, up through my feet and out the top of my head several times.  With each rush a burst of white light filled my vision. 

March, 2008:  I asked for an upgrade and balance, felt the energy build, the roaring wound came rushing in and my body trembled with the adjustment.

June, 2008:
  They were “dreams” where I felt I had no level of expertise.  I was balancing energy on a massive scale beyond human comprehension.  The “dreams” continued for three nights.  Each night the weight of the work felt less demanding.  Near the end of the final night I recognized the state of California and the balancing of energy there.  

December, 2008:  The stereo came on by itself.  Taps repeated on doors and window.  The TV came on in the middle of the night.  An uninvited "guest" was asked to leave.

February, 2007:
  Three surrounded me in a "dream" where I struggled to stay awake within it.  I heard a low humming sound coming from them.  I felt their energy being directed towards me; increasing in strength the longer I stayed.  They were also holding me down with their energy and inducing me into slumber.  

March, 2007:  A female voice said, "We begin again." 

April, 2007:  I was "dreaming" of walking down a wooded path when two spinning orbs caught my attention.  They emitted a deafening tone and the sound struck my body with force, reverberating throughout.  As my crown blasted open from the force of energy I awoke with ringing still in my ears.

We were about to board a flight with winds gusting to seventy miles per hour.  My friend looked at me for reassurance.  "It's fine," I said.  "Everyone has an aura."  The roller coaster flight was filled with screams and the stench of vomit.

May, 2007:  It was at a metaphysical expo.  A church sponsored group was performing energy healings.  I'd learned about the technique over the internet.  It was becoming a fast growing modality throughout the world and thought I'd see what the excitement was all about.  I took a seat and the "healer" began.  My eyes were closed but I could feel his hands working around my head.  I could feel the energy from his movements and intent racing through my body.  The energy was invasive.  It was looking for a place to latch on and root itself.  But my "system" would not comply.  The "healer" stopped abruptly, backed away, and dismissed me.  From across the room I looked back at the "healer" as he worked on another person.  That is when I saw his true form.  His drones stood in front of his booth, reeling in complacent souls.

June, 2007:  I asked spirit for an alignment, felt my crown open up, and saw three white bursts of light.

August, 2007: 
In the dream, I saw a man painting people's auras.  When he would finish a painting, it looked like an animal with human characteristics similar to the sitter.  I approached the artist.  He said he had "room" for one more and I took the seat in front of him.  His paintings were almost instantly produced.  He turned the large painting of me around so I could see it.  The chestnut colored horse had none of the human characteristics I'd seen in his other paintings.  He pointed to the heart area of the horse and I saw an arch of light reach up towards the sky.  He spoke to me in a language not of this world. 

I could feel a presence about a hundred feet above my head.  I reached up with my intent and felt the presence pull me in with a burst of white light.  We instantly ascended beyond measure.

September, 2007:  
I had just closed my eyes when something flew into my third eye.  It was so fast I didn't see what it was.  But I was instantly surrounded by white light.

October, 2007:  I heard my soul scream out for Jesus.  A loud vibrating sound instantly filled my head.  I felt a slim cool hand slide into mine.  A blunt object pressed hard near my right temple, sinking in.

January, 2006:  In the midnight hour it began as it has many times before with the roaring sound, bursts of white light, and the vibration.  They have become more intense.  Parts of my body disappear; my teeth feel like they will shatter at any moment.  But I hold on for the ride and finally reach my destination.  After all the sound, vibration, and bursts of light, I found myself in a large dark room like a warehouse with a forty foot or greater ceiling.  No one was physically present and yet there were hundreds whispering to me all at once.  I felt and knew that I had arrived at a state of being that I would call a "matrix revelation" where you suddenly realize the ultimate truth of being.  I was lying on my back and saw what looked like a giant movie screen rippling in and out of the darkness above me.  It eventually stretched out and came into focus.  The image on the large screen looked just like the menu for a DVD movie.  The play button was highlighted, music started playing and a voice said, "Congratulations, you've finally arrived." 

Light rolled across my vision like lightning traveling through the clouds.  I felt pressure being applied to the bottoms of my feet.  It felt like big, warm hands.  I felt energy surging through my body and knew I was in the hands of angels.

February, 2006:
  She took her life and I asked to understand it.  I felt my mind shift gears, felt it move into an absolute resolve of suicide, felt the trap close.   I was "locked in" for just a moment, just long enough to understand the finality of it.  There was nothing else, only this one singular purpose.  It was one of the most certain thoughts I'd ever experienced.  My mind felt as if it was no longer my own.  I was in pain unlike any physical pain I'd endured.  My mind was in pain.  There was a very thin line, only a moment between thought and action.  My question had been answered all too well.

April, 2006:
  I found myself in a time stream.  I noticed that just with intention I could move forward or backward to any given time or date.  But I was unprepared, confused, and wasn't sure what date and time I entered the stream.  I backed off, relaxed, and found myself back in the present.

She popped into my head.  Visions of our times together flashed before me like a life review.  I felt her worth and kindness.  I felt she had passed over.  The next morning a phone call confirmed it.

I kept waking up.  Each time I would look at the clock.  The first time it was nearly six am.  The second time it was nearly five am.  The third time it was nearly four am.  The fourth time it was nearly six am again and decided I best get up.

June, 2006:
  I'd just closed my eyes when she approached me in a dream-like vision.  She wasn't dressed in earthly attire.  Even her hair was unusual, I thought.  Then, with her right hand, she touched the top of my head and I went limp.  She withdrew and my body twitched from energy surges.  I started to regain some control and started to approach her.  But the vision faded. 

July, 2006:  Again, I'd just closed my eyes when something caught my attention.  It was suspended there at some distance.  But before I could make out what it was it flew straight into my right eye. 

March, 2005:  I heard my name.  I closed my eyes to close out any distractions.  I heard her call my name again and say, "Do not be in fear..."  Then my ears began ringing, drowning out her words.  My body began tingling.  The pitch in my ears increased in volume and my body was bubbling with energy.  Every cell in my body was vibrating from the energy surge.
Two nights later she came again upon my request.  This time she came in a dream.  She had long golden hair and asked me to lay on a table.  I quickly fell asleep in the dream.  My body was experiencing similar feelings I had on her last visit.  This time it felt like she was working on a different aspect.  I forced myself to open my eyes and ask her what she was doing.  Her head and hands were shaking slightly.  The feeling in my body subsided as she stopped to look at me and say, "I'm working on your muscle tone."

April, 2005:  She called them "points" as her finger slightly touched areas of my face and head.  My guides told me she was mapping me.  Certain spots she touched had certain effects.  She caressed my cheekbones and I felt my eyes being massaged.  She touched the outside corners of my eyes and my ear chakras blew open.  She touched the underside of my chin and I saw the face of the Creator.  She pulled her hands out from my head and my entire body flowed with energy and light, transmitting the new codes.

His timelines were like none I'd seen before.  I traveled them as far as my guides would allow.  "Any further and there is no coming back," came the message.  I felt the pressure of their concern and the abyss beyond.  I traveled back. 

May, 2005:
  I closed my eyes for a moments rest.  I flash of brilliant light interrupted the calm darkness.  A vision of a fairy queen drifted into view.  She held a wand with a glowing crystal on the end.  She came closer and I saw little pearls of glowing light close to her form.  She smiled as she energetically worked on me for just a moment.  Then she backed away.  Fairies quickly filled the vacant space and followed the queen's departure.

July, 2005:   Spirit gifted me with two shed black snake skins.  His power is one of transmutation.  I stretched them out in front of me in opposing directions, opening a doorway.  I heard voices above me.  One would descend and guide me.  A wooded path opened before me in a vision.  A line of blue fire stretched along the left side of the path and beyond the horizon.  Moments later a line of gold fire came towards me and along the right side of the path.  Many disciplines were coming together to create a singular event.  There was no destination to the path.  It was a stream of energy like none I'd seen before.  The path was ready and I entered.  There was a rush then a gliding sensation.  I saw a mirror image of myself approaching.  We merged briefly then passed through one another.  My counterpart was now heading in the direction I came from while I continued on.

August, 2005:
  Merlin popped into my thoughts like a knock on a door.  I scanned my energy field and noticed him behind me.  I abruptly asked him, "What is the answer?"  He replied with a touch of humor, "What is the question?"

December, 2005:  She visits me often in my dreams.  On all her other visits she kept a distance, only watching, checking in on me.  This time she instructed me to stand at the portal of healing and guide all those who chose to enter.

January, 2004: 
Thursday night I walked into a portal and it surrounded me much like a soap bubble. Only the inside of it was like an endless reflection of mirrors. I could move the bubble, spin it with my intent. Four light beings stood just outside the bubble. Each had a distinctive feel. But I was drawn to one in particular. When I reached out to his energy I felt elated and free.

I appear to be transmuting. It feels like another Shaman's death. I no longer see my internal organs. I see an endless universe surrounded by the gold frame of my body. I now can clear my energy field by folding it in towards this universe.

March, 2004:  In the last part of the "dream" I was being held down. Then my head and feet started lifting off the bed in a pulsing, rippling motion. It felt like I was rapidly rotting or being devoured, like in time-lapse photography. There was an energy field around my head and feet and a repetitive rhythmic sound of three high pitched bird-like sounds followed by a short pause. The sound increased in volume, my head and feet were bouncing up off the bed, and now the inside of my body was like a dirt devil--a twister with the rustle of leaves and the sound of rushing wind. I thought to open one eye to get a glimpse of Them when it all suddenly settled into a quite hush, my body still tingling upon opening my eyes.

Seeing the Green Man take physical form last summer stretched my comfort zone. It felt like someone had a hold of my eyes as they moved uncontrollably. They made my eyes focus on him. An enchanted forest thrust up through the top of his head. He invited me into his world and the day was full of wonders.

I don't subscribe to the newspaper. When I need to see something in the newspaper Spirit delivers it. This morning I woke up feeling a need to look in the classifieds. The paper was on my doorstep. 

April, 2004:
  She walked up to me, anxious to show me the pendant she had found. It was of Celtic design and chose her as much as she had chosen it. She had strong ties and happy memories to her former Celtic life and that life was now reaching out to her, asking her to reclaim her power. I asked her if I may adjust the amulet as there was a misalignment. Upon consent, I held it in my hand, saw the doorways opening, and felt the change take place, both in the pendant and her.

It was a simple looking basket, sitting on a dusty shelf in an antique store I felt guided to enter. I picked up the basket and I disappeared. I placed my hand inside of its richly aromatic opening and could not find the bottom. I was standing among the universe, holding a star in my hand. I set the basket back down and heard the store owner say that the basket was from Tibet.

August, 2004:
  Well, last week I thought I needed a new watch. A few days later my watch went kaput. This week it felt like I needed to get a new phone. Yep. A few days later my phone went kaput.

October, 2004:  Never thought to check out the meat section in the grocery store until last week. I anticipated a sense of bloody agony. But what I got was images and feelings of warm, sunny meadows, teaming with life and happiness--the unfulfilled dreams of the finely cut and packaged. There was the sadness, a life denied. Sorry meat lovers.

I recall the time she sat across from me and we soon wandered into a discussion on past lives. Within minutes her past converged upon her in mass. The magnitude of the energy was nearly unbearable. We had pulled the plug and she was about to integrate, to accept her past and move forward. I mentally reached out and softened the blow, transforming the avalanche that was about to overwhelm her. She gasped slightly as the past comfortably merged with her. Her eyes, truly the windows of the soul, swelled with the integration. The past filled her eyes with the intensity of a bright white flame. She was now fully present. No more looking back.

November, 2004:
  I awoke and soon felt a wave of peace engulf me. I immediately felt totally empowered. I hadn't a care in the world. Whatever I chose to do was within my power to manifest. I was completely connected to my higher self and emotionally detached from my Earth experience. It lasted five seconds before it shifted in the opposite direction and anxiety engulfed me. I was emotionally attached to all my experiences to the extent that I lost any connection with my higher self and spirit. The anxiety lifted just as quickly as it had arrived. I was receiving a lesson. Spirit was sending me a message of choice.

September 27, 2003:
  I had a vision last night of moving through nine rings of light. At the end of the ninth ring was a figure, waiting for me. As I passed through the ninth ring a burst of light flooded me. I suddenly felt weightless, expansive like the night sky, and absolutely free. I came upon an odd looking TV type screen.  Knowing that it responded to questions, I asked, "Where is God?" And the screen rotated in its frame to reveal a mirror with my image reflected in it. "God" is within.


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